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Susanna Bjornsson has been a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of California since 1995. She has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. While living in Europe, she studied at SnyrtiAkademia (Esthetics Academy) and is a CIDESCO diplomat (Comite Internationale d’Esthetiques et de Cosmetologie).

Skin care has always been an interest to Susanna, even at a young age. She is inspired and interested in all aspects from teenage acne, to sun damage, to anti-aging treatments. Because our skin is such a large component of who we are as people, Susanna loves seeing people’s confidence build as their skin transforms. She also enjoys nurturing her clients and enjoys seeing people ‘press the pause button’ on their busy, demanding schedules.

Receiving training in Iceland really impacted Susanna’s approach to skin care. The power of natural elements, clean air and fresh water formed the path she chose to take in her profession.

Susanna Bjornsson is passionate about organic skin care and is invested in continuing her education and knowledge in order to better service her clients.

 Please book an appointment with Susanna today and get ready to relax & rejuvenate!

Susanna Bjornsson
Cosmetologist, Esthetician
Santa Clarita, CA