Dear valued clients,

I look forward to seeing you at your next appointment at my new location!
As a precaution I will need to ask you the following questions along with temperature checks on arrival. Should you answer Yes to the following questions prior to arrival, please call me at 661-644-6169 so I can assist you.

– Cough, sore throat shortness of breath, Fatigue or Fever > 100.4?
– Diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, dizziness or loss of balance?
– Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
– Has anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19?
– Does anyone in your household have COVID- 19 symptoms such as, cough
sore throat, shortness of breath or fever>100
– Have you or anyone you have been in close contact with traveled internationally in the last 14 days?
– Have you traveled domestically to States with rising COVID cases within the last 14 days?

Thank you for your cooperation.